Embracing a Circular Future with the Sustainability in Progress Podcast

Embracing a Circular Future with the Sustainability in Progress Podcast

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EcoBranders' Head of Community Engagement and Impact Awareness, Lindsey Coffey, joins Danielle Azoulay (founder of The CSO Shop) with hosts John George and Laura Negre on the Sustainability in Progress Podcast (SIP).

The conversation explores how sustainability can drive profitability and value, and how to make changes that contribute to a circular economy. Sustainable practices are not only good ethics but also smart business. 

When incorporating sustainable business practices Lindsey highlights the three R's, reduce, reuse, and recycle. 

EcoBranders encourages customers to incorporate reduce, reuse, and recycle principles into their programs in the following ways... buy fewer (but better) products, give your promo merch only to those who truly want it, buy highly reusable products or those made from recycled materials, and donate excess and unusable merchandise and materials rather than throwing them away.

Because we have options, implementing sustainable practices can be achieved in multiple ways, allowing businesses to take steps that work for them. Other options include implementing EPR programs, enforcing responsible waste disposal practices, switching to renewable energy or investing in carbon offsets, creating transparency within the supply chain, and implementing an education program directed toward consumers.

It's not just companies that need to change; Lindsey believes consumers also play a crucial role in contributing to a circular economy.

Consumers play a critical role in creating a circular economy. Our voice is our superpower, and we must encourage policy reform, invest in innovative technologies, and support businesses that are currently sustainable. Consumers control market trends; by using supply and demand to our advantage, we can shift to a circular economy much more efficiently.

They go on to discuss the 'green' disconnect between brands and the barriers that slow progress on key sustainability initiatives. The conversation takes an interesting turn as Lindsey and Danielle share their differing perspectives of the industry: Lindsey from the field of activism, 'outside looking in', and corporate consultant Danielle from 'the inside looking out'. Despite their different viewpoints, they both agree that systemic change is necessary to move forward.

Tune into the full episode below:

*features Lindsey Coffey, Head of Community Engagment & Impact Awareness at EcoBranders


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