EcoBranders' Lindsey Coffey on Sustainability in Marketing with ICS-digital

EcoBranders' Lindsey Coffey on Sustainability in Marketing with ICS-digital

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Lindsey Coffey and ICS-digital marketing director, Martin Calvert, discuss sustainable merchandising, materials, and branding. 

Lindsey explains EcoBranders’ mission to transform the business and marketing sectors within promotions. She highlights our transparent supply chain, verifiable certifications, carbon offsetting, earth-friendly materials, sustainable packaging, and educational content. We also offer a unique, user-friendly website where customers can shop by specific material or, Lindsey's personal favorite, search by the impact they wish to create.

Focusing on our clients, Lindsey emphasizes that EcoBranders is for everyone, not just the eco-conscious. While many of our clients are focused on going green, all customers appreciate and respect a company with strong values and integrity, broadening our customer base. Our commitment to sustainability and transparency resonates with our eco-minded clients, while our focus on longevity, durability, and customer relations appeals to a wider audience.

Lindsey also underscores the importance of media outreach and content creation in elevating our brand. By producing educational content, we expand our reach and raise awareness about sustainability in business, marketing, and daily life. Our topics include greenwashing, packaging, consumerism, textile innovation, implementing green strategies, and more.

Clearly communicating our values positively impacts our brand reputation and attracts new customers. Customer loyalty is crucial, as we are building a community with shared values.

Furthermore, Lindsey offers advice to companies seeking to become more eco-conscious in their operations and purchasing decisions. EcoBranders encourages brands to embrace the principles of reduce, reuse, and recycle. Buy fewer, but higher-quality products, and for promotional items, only give them to those who truly want them. This practice significantly reduces production and prevents products from ending up in landfills. For reusing, design products for durability—single-use is out. Durable products benefit both the environment and your brand’s reputation, fostering customer loyalty. Regarding recycling, choose products made from recycled or recyclable materials. Additionally, offer take-back programs and donate excess and unusable merchandise and materials.

Tune in to learn more about EcoBranders' mission and the steps we are taking to achieve it.

*features Lindsey Coffey, Head of Community Engagment & Impact Awareness at EcoBranders

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