Why buying less merch, but better, is best for the planet AND your brand.

Why buying less merch, but better, is best for the planet AND your brand.


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Promotional merchandise is one of the worst hidden environmental offenders as it plays a role in ALL business and branding. ”Buying less, but better" is a sustainable consumption approach that emphasizes quality over quantity. This approach is beneficial for both the planet and your brand.

Here's why…

We are most familiar with the positive environmental benefits of buying less but better such as reduced waste, it lowers our carbon footprint, conserves resources, and encourages sustainable and ethical practices, but why is it better for business?


This philosophy aligns with the popular trend of sustainability and ethical business practices. Brands who share this value increase their reputation and have a positive perception from clients and customers. 


Providing high quality and durable products improves the relationship between you and your customers so they keep coming back. 


As better quality products last longer, your branded merch will not need to be replaced. If you provide a product that can be refilled or reused, it will remain a constant in your customers daily life.


Many businesses are for quantity over quality to promote their brand to as many people as possible. When you provide low quality promotional products, it does not reflect well and  you are remembered as cheap, or not remembered at all because your product finds a new home in the trash can.

Here’s a tip: stop thinking about merchandise as brand promotion, but rather as an opportunity to create good will between you and your customer. 

"When you change your objective to building appreciation, that is how you will build your brand."

At EcoBranders we believe in environmentally friendly, branded merchandise that is useful, reusable, and made from less harmful materials. We pay attention to the end-of-life cycle emphasizing biodegradable textiles, and non-toxic chemicals so you can leave your mark on our customized products rather than on the environment. 

We do the hard work so it’s easier for you to make a positive impact on your business, clients, communities, and planet. 

*video features Lindsey Coffey, Head of Community Engagment & Impact Awareness at EcoBranders

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