5 Things You Need To Know In Order To Create A Highly Successful Purpose-Driven Business

5 Things You Need To Know In Order To Create A Highly Successful Purpose-Driven Business

Stacee Matheson, Founder and CEO of EcoBranders, sat down with Chad Silverstein to chat purpose before profit. 

Matheson shared stories about her childhood, lessons learned in leading her own company, and what led to the creation of EcoBranders. She discussed her guiding principles, impacts, and gave advice to new entrepreneurs looking to start their very own purpose-driven business. 

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It makes for a much better life when you can hold your head high, knowing that you may not be perfect, but you are a positive contribution to the world and to those you love.

-Stacee when asked about the importance of standing by your values.  


5 Things You Need To Know In Order To Create A Highly Successful Purpose-Driven Business 

-Advice from Founder and CEO of EcoBranders, Stacee Matheson-


  1. Grow slower than you want to: I believe this is good advice for any company, but especially crucial when you’re planning on donating a portion of your profits to support causes you believe in. You must be extra careful about monitoring your profit margins and avoid growing so rapidly that it becomes financially reckless.
  2. Try things your competitors won’t: Look for unique ways to stand out. Just because no one else is doing something doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea.
  3. Always be looking outside your own industry for inspiration and fresh ideas: Trust me, some of your best ideas will come when learning from organizations that are nothing like your own.
  4. Be thoughtful in your decision-making, not reactive: While you don’t want to get stuck in analysis paralysis, taking some time to carefully think through decisions before moving forward will generally benefit you the most. Quick decision-making is necessary in some situations, but these instances are rare.
  5. Remember that you must stay profitable: You can’t help others if you’re not. So, be mindful of how much you’re giving away and the speed at which you give it. It takes money to make money, so be sure to keep enough to reinvest in your business and keep it growing. That’s how you continue making a bigger impact in the world.

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