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Head of Community Engagement & Impact Awareness


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Miss Earth 2020

Competing against 82 nations, Lindsey became the first and only American to win Miss Earth in 2020.

Yes, we are the problem but we are also the solution. Now, we act. Now, is the time to stand bigger than ourselves, to be more than our countries. Now, is the time to come together and become one voice to save our planet.

-Lindsey Coffey



Lindsey Marie Coffey is a fashion model and environmental activist. In 2020, she became the first and only U.S. representative to win the international title of Miss Earth, competing against 82 nations.

With a background in Political Science and Communications, she focuses on campaigning, public speaking, and lobbying on Capitol Hill to raise our environmental consciousness and to transform people and the planet.

As a World Wildlife Fund Ambassador, Remake Fellow, Climate Reality Leader, and a collaborator with Greenpeace, Earth Day Network, and the United Nations, she passionately champions climate justice, wildlife conservation, ethical fashion, and environmental preservation and spearheads worldwide initiatives aimed at fostering a sustainable future.

Featured on CNN, ABC, and the GMA Network, as well as in editorials with Harper’s Bazaar, Grazia, and MAXIM, Coffey encourages global action towards sustainability and empowers others to overcome environmental, societal, and personal growth challenges.

In 2012, Lindsey began her fashion career, leading her to travel the world and develop a boundless appreciation for its natural wonders and people.

Throughout her career, she's appeared in editorials for Vogue, Grazia, MAXIM, Harper’s Bazaar, and Cosmopolitan, amongst others. Her client roster boasts brands such as L’Oreal, Maybelline, Tommy Hilfiger, Elie Tahari, Anne Klein, Lululemon, and MAC Cosmetics.

While blessed with the opportunity to explore the beauty of this planet, Lindsey has also witnessed devastation. In 2018, Lindsey experienced the worst water crisis in the history of South Africa. This pivotal experience ignited her passion for advocating for environmental protection and climate justice.

With a background in Political Science and Communications, Lindsey focused on government, public policy, political behavior, rhetoric, and media from both humanistic and scientific perspectives. She studied in Italy, Turkey, Cyprus, Israel, and Greece, learning their political, social, and economic histories while investigating prevalent trends along with insightful analysis of the diverse political and societal dynamics that shaped those nations.

Employing her academic foundation, she leveraged her public platform to promote environmental consciousness and sustainable solutions on a global scale. Lindsey acknowledged the importance of collaboration by expanding her influence with international organizations such as the United Nations, Greenpeace International, and Food for Life Global. She also traveled to Vietnam, Belgium, Guatemala, Greece, and Thailand as a keynote speaker, addressing the impacts of the climate crisis and inspiring others to take action worldwide, truly embodying her slogan to “be more than your country”.

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