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100% Cotton Tote Bags


We offer bags made from both organic cotton and conventional cotton, so whatever your budget, you should be able to find a fantastic option here. Everyone loves a good cotton bag, right?


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Heathered Cotton Canvas Tote BagHeathered Cotton Canvas Tote Bag
Sale price$2.60 and lower...
16x15 Heavy-Weight Flat Cotton Tote
Sale price$4.50 and lower...
15x15x2 Multi-Purpose Cotton Tote Bag
Sale price$4.60 and lower...
15x18x6 Natural Cotton Tote - Long Straps
Sale price$5.30 and lower...
12x14x3 Cotton Tote Bag - Striped Handles12x14x3 Cotton Tote Bag - Striped Handles
Sale price$5.70 and lower...
16x15 Tweed-Finish Flat Cotton Tote Bag
Sale price$6.78 and lower...
15x18x6 Cotton Tote in Colors - Long Straps15x18x6 Cotton Tote in Colors - Long Straps
Sale price$7.07 and lower...
15x18x6 Organic Cotton Tote Bag - Long Straps15x18x6 Organic Cotton Tote Bag - Long Straps
Sale price$7.17 and lower...

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