Together We Rebuild Forests, Rescue Plastic, and Reduce Emissions with Our Partner Greenspark

Together We Rebuild Forests, Rescue Plastic, and Reduce Emissions with Our Partner Greenspark

At EcoBranders, we further our impact by partnering with Greenspark. Greenspark is an eco-conscious community of individuals, companies, and brands who support global projects that impact both people and our planet. 

Sustainability is our priority. Through Greenspark we proudly support reforestation, ocean preservation, and offset carbon emissions. Our global community has planted 2.3 million trees, rescued 4.7 million plastic bottles, and offset 21.4 million kilograms of CO2. 


Doing better together by planting trees! 

Eden Reforestation Projects 

Through Greenspark we assist Eden Reforestation Projects in restoring native ecosystems while alleviating poverty by employing local communities to rebuild our forests. 

Each year, roughly 15 billion trees are cut down, and since the beginning of human civilization, we’ve torn down 46% - almost half of the trees covering our planet. Deforestation harms ecosystems and communities by contributing to habitat loss, invasive species, pollution, and food insecurity while altering weather patterns.

Supports United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:




Doing better together by removing plastic from our oceans! 

Plastic Bank 

Plastic Bank prevents plastic from reaching our waterways and supports a circular economy by reprocessing plastic for reintroduction into the global supply chain. Plastic Bank takes it one step further by supporting local economies through monetizing plastic waste and providing a premium to its collectors.  

Plastic is a crisis on its own. The majority of plastic is single-use which overwhelms our streets, landfills, and oceans. In our oceans alone, 80% of debris is plastic, and by 2050, estimates show there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish. 

Marine life often mistakes plastic and microplastics for food causing toxicity, development issues, complications with reproduction, behavioral changes, and potentially starvation.

Studies have found microplastics in humans as well. We experience the same health risks found in wildlife, additionally affecting the body’s endocrine system causing disruptions and disorders. 

Supports United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: 

Doing better together by reducing emissions!

Burgos Wind Project 

Working to stop our reliance on unsustainable energy and promote renewable energy production, the Burgos Wind Project built one of the largest wind farms in South East Asia generating 370GWh of electricity and annually offsets 200,000t of carbon emissions. The wind farm, located north of Manila, Philippines, employs residents, trains unskilled workers through university and training facility partnerships, and educates local communities through their radio program focusing on how to maintain healthy ecosystems as well as why it is important. 

Fossil fuels are finite resources that produce negative impacts during extraction and use, affecting the environment and human health. Fossil fuels aid in global warming while generating pollution, causing illness and respiratory diseases, while also increasing the risk of cancer.

Supports United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: 

Improved Cookstoves in Malawi

The United Nations Project 9933, assists in transitioning to Changu Changu Motos, energy-efficient cookstoves, in rural households in Malawi, located in southeastern Africa. Traditionally used three-stone cooking fires require large quantities of wood contributing to deforestation and harmful emissions. Switching to Changu Changu Motos saves 2.5 tonnes of carbon annually while reducing wood consumption and health risks, alleviating the burden upon women collecting the wood and reducing their prolonged exposure to toxic smoke. 

Impoverished communities are often underserved and lack the resources to reduce the environmental impact that affects their health, neighborhoods, and local ecosystems. According to the World Health Organization, 3 billion people in low- and middle-income countries rely on solid fuels that are energy inefficient and increase health risks.  

Supports United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: 

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