Stop turning people into your walking billboards.

Stop turning people into your walking billboards.

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Unless your branded merch is going to an audience that absolutely LOVES and SELF-IDENTIFIES with your brand, be careful about turning people into your walking billboards.

Depending on the type of merchandise, this mistake can lead to an awful lot of product ending up in landfills, and it does not reflect well on your organization. 

Oftentimes being subtle with your branding is far more appreciated by those that receive your merch and will result in them using it far more often and for much longer.  

Trend cycles should also be considered as relying too heavily on promotion may result in a brand becoming irrelevant if it fails to keep up with changing preferences and styles.

Over-commercialization is another concern causing the brands presence to become so pervasive that it diminishes the overall consumer experience being perceived as shallow or attention-seeking. 

When it comes to branding authenticity is crucial. Ensure your marketing strategies align with the brand’s values and identity, while being relevant to your image and made from high quality and durable materials. This helps customers maintain a positive association and encourages them to willingly become your ambassadors. If you want to use bold graphics and loud designs, make sure they will mean something to your audience. 

Ultimately, providing customers with choices and customization options allows them to express their loyalty in a way that suits their personal style and comfort level. By offering a range of products with varying levels of branding allows customers to choose what aligns with them and their preferences.

*video features Lindsey Coffey, Head of Community Engagment & Impact Awareness at EcoBranders 

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