How to Optimize the Impact of Promotional Merchandise

How to Optimize the Impact of Promotional Merchandise

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EcoBranders specializes in eco-friendly promotional products that elevate your brand while honoring purpose and planet. We’re experts in branded merchandise, a powerful and important marketing tool that elevates businesses and creates brand loyalty. 

Gifting and selling promotional merch is great for business, whether it be advertising on the local level, general marketing initiatives, or boosting community engagement. To run a responsible campaign that reflects well on your organization you must (1) ’buy less, but better’, (2) give to only those who want it, and (3) be thoughtful about the products you choose

(1) Choosing quality over quantity is vital as you’re providing your customers with a useful keepsake that will stay with them for years rather than end up in the trash as many promotional products do. 

(2) Being thoughtful about who you give your merch to, ensures that customers are fully engaged, excited, and genuine about establishing a relationship with your business. It will save you money, use fewer resources, and generate less waste as well. 

(3) Lastly, gifting carefully curated products that align with your values, are useful, and are made well supports positive brand recognition. They’ll also attract loyal customers with similar values and leave a lasting and memorable impression. 

Some of the challenges faced by local businesses are limited visibility, small marketing budgets, and customer loyalty. By investing in high-quality, useful, and thoughtful promotional merchandise, you’ll save money, increase brand visibility, and establish a dependable clientele. 

*video features Lindsey Coffey, Head of Community Engagement & Impact Awareness at EcoBranders 

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