From Miss Earth to Earth's Advocate: The Making of an Eco-Influencer | Ep. 107 of The Sustainability Journey Podcast

From Miss Earth to Earth's Advocate: The Making of an Eco-Influencer | Ep. 107 of The Sustainability Journey Podcast

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Lindsey Coffey, Head of Community Engagement and Impact Awareness at EcoBranders, discusses her initiatives in promoting sustainability and climate justice while emphasizing the importance of individual choice and action in environmental conservation with host Samuele Tini. 

Key takeaways:

Transition to Activism:

Lindsey shared how her personal experiences with natural disasters and witnessing the detrimental effects of human actions on the environment fueled her dedication to advocating for change. Through her advocacy, she engaged in various forms of activism, including social media influence, organization partnerships, public speaking, and lobbying for legislative reform in Washington, DC.

Empowering Individual Action:

There is power in individual choices, leading to a rise in personal and collective environmental awareness. Activism does not have an “all or nothing” approach. Influence lies in the power of using one's skills and passion for the planet.

Multifaceted Activism Approach:

Activism comes in various forms: protests, cleanups, petitions, public speaking, journalism, photography, lobbying, as well as content creation on social media. Regardless of size and scope, utilize your strengths to create the greatest impact. A multifaceted approach reaches diverse demographics and locations worldwide.

Transformative Efforts of EcoBranders: 

EcoBranders is reshaping the way businesses and consumers approach sustainability by providing supply chain transparency, carbon offsets, and sustainable production. Whether through offsetting emissions, adopting carbon-neutral shipping practices, or collaborating with partner organizations focused on ocean cleanups, reforestation, and CO2 reduction, EcoBranders demonstrates the impact of collective responsibility toward the planet.

Understand the Power of Choice:

Not everyone was born with privilege, but everyone was born with choice. Every decision has a consequence, and it is up to us to decide if that consequence will be positive or negative. We must elevate our awareness about the world around us, the options we have, and the impacts we can create.

Tune in for a discussion on environmental advocacy and the power of making a difference, regardless of size or scope, in our collective responsibility towards the planet.

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